High-speed train technicians undaunted by high temperatures
2018-08-09 17:18:00

Although temperatures reached 40 degrees centigrade in the maintenance workshop for high-speed trains in Nanjing City on Aug. 7, the start of autumn on the Chinese lunar calendar, a group of technicians and cleaners from the post-90s generation were still busy working in the closed-up environment.  

Since the peak summer travel period started in July, the maintenance workshop for bullet trains has been wrapped in high temperatures, sometimes as high as 52 degrees centigrade. Carriages where power-off maintenance is conducted felt as hot as a sauna, leaving technicians sweating after just a short while. Despite the challenges, young mechanics and logistics staff continue to be dedicated to their work to ensure the safety and comfort of passengers. 

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Source: jschina.com.cn Editor: Nicky