One billion yuan-industry base on a worm delicacy
2018-07-25 16:40:00

Doudan, a green-colored 5-centimeter-long worm usually seen on soybean field, has become one of the most renowned delicacies in Guanyun County, Lianyungang City of Jiangsu Province for more than a century.

The worm, living on soybean leaves and dew, grows in natural environment. Besides being delicious, the silkworm-like insect has also been rich in protein, low in fat and has lots of nutrition. It is very conducive for curing stomachache, and rheumatism. For a long time, Doudan is a treasured ingredient for dishes in Guanyun.

In April and May, when Doudan are ready for the market, a pot of the worm will be sold for 4,000 yuan ($588). In last year alone, the county recorded trade of 40,000 tons of Doudan, with the trade volume totaling nearly one billion yuan.

In Guanyun, many soybean farmers take Doudan as the key for wealth and raise Doudan in their soybean fields. Now there are about 660 hectares of fields in the country dedicated to raising Doudan. Local agriculture authorities and towns have made Doudan-breeding as a key industry and taken many supportive measures.


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Source: Editor: Cassie