With husband's love, disabled woman lives big dream
2018-07-05 17:25:00

Jin Qingqing, 30, is only 68 cm tall and weighs less than 18 kg. She suffers from congenital brittle bone disease and had more than 20 fractures as a child.

As her growth was affected, her hands and feet are deformed. Her eyes are highly myopic with one of the retinas detached, and she also lost her hearing in one ear. There’s no way to go to school like healthy kids, and she always follows her mother to sing folk songs all over the place.

At 17, Qingqing established her own art troupe for the disabled. Yet she has met many difficulties, such as limited performance opportunies, fraudulent agencies who swindled the money and delayed payments from performance sponsors. At one time she borrowed hundreds of thousands of yuan from relatives and friends, faced 300,000 yuan ($45,200) in debt, and the members had no choice but to leave the troupe.

Then Mr. Chen Qiang appeared in Qingqing’s life. “The troupe performed at our school. I was very impressed by this small girl. After graduation, I worked in a barbershop, and the troupe happened to be opposite the store,” said Chen, who is 168 cm tall.

Both families were against their relationship, but they secretly got married after being in love for five years. In the most difficult times, they only had a total of just 3 yuan (15 cents) and lived on a bag of noodles for several days.

To make more money, Chen Qiang began to learn singing and performed on stage too. The couple, with their band named after their heights of "168·68", performed in towns and in the countryside, gradually winning acceptance and appreciation. They paid off the debt of 300,000 yuan, bought a house and a car.

Qingqing couldn’t forget her disabled friends, so she once again founded an art group for the disabled, naming it “Dreams Coming True”. The troupe recruited more than 30 disabled people, and they will present their first show in Rugao city, Jiangu province on July 12.

Source: jschina.com.cn Editor: Dylan