Ancient wood boat in Taizhou sails to bring fortune
2018-06-09 16:14:00

Zhou Yonggan, a villager of Taizhou’s Zhuer village, is an inheritor of the ancient “Zhuhong Wood Boat”, a national level cultural heritage.

Zhuhong town of Taizhou has hundreds years’ history in boat making. In 2008, “Zhuhong Wood Boat” was listed into the second batch of national level cultural heritages. Now the ancient technique has a new life, and Zhuhong Wood Boats today are seen in industries like agriculture, fishing, transportation and tourism, and have been exported to over ten countries like Japan, the Netherlands and Germany.

In 2017, the sales value of Zhuhong Wood Boat reached 500 million yuan ($78.1 million) and created job opportunities for more than 800 villagers.

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Source: Editor: Amanda