Dr. Feroz Ahmed Soomro: Get more connected with Jiangsu
2018-05-25 09:52:00

Dr. Feroz Ahmed Soomro (Photo provided to JiangsuNow)

"Obtaining a broader perspective, improving my living standards and making more friends are among the primary values during six years in Nanjing,” said Dr. Feroz Ahmed Soomro, assistant professor of mathematics at Pakistan’s Quaid-e-Awam University of Engineering, Science and Technology, Larkana in an interview with JiangsuNow in Nanjing on Wednesday.

Dr. Soomro, 33, lived in Karachi before coming to study at Nanjing University in 2012. He will get his doctoral degree in maths next month.

"It seems the Chinese people are more independent and have more privacy. People here are very friendly, and willing to chat with you, especially when you’re capable of speaking the local language,” said Dr. Soomro. He can speak fluent Chinese, which he thinks can help bridge the culture gap. Life tends to be easier thanks to his language proficiency, and other Pakistani students sometimes ask for his help when finding it difficult to communicate with local residents.

"Weather gives the city an added advantage.” Temperature in Karachi and Larkana may reach up to 50 degree centigrade in summer. Although the weather in Nanjing is rather humid, it would be better than being too hot, according to Dr. Soomro.

But what impresses him most is the scenery here. Dr. Soomro went jogging along the Xuanwu Lake the first day he came to Nanjing. Drawn by the serenity of the lake and the rich culture embodied by the ancient city wall around, he went there for the following two consecutive days. “The air is clean and refreshing. It makes me feel very relaxed,” he added.

Dr. Soomro will return to his hometown in two months. Besides teaching students the knowledge he learned in China, he hopes he can be better engaged in the cultural and economic exchanges between the two countries.

"Students in small cities in Pakistan have no idea about the scholarships offered by the universities here in China. I hope that I can do my best to introduce more students to study in China,” Dr. Soomro explained.

With regard to the Belt and Road Initiative, Dr. Soomro thinks that the young people in Pakistan are more concerned about the benefits it brings to them. “The educational background in China and Chinese language proficiency would be beneficial for them to find more business opportunities.” 

Source: jschina.com.cn Author: Wei Xin Editor: Cassie