Representatives from 20 US universities tour in Nanjing
2018-05-15 19:43:00

About 30 representatives from 20 well-known private and state American universities, including Brown University, Wellesley College, and University of Rochester, made a cultural exchange tour in Nanjing of Jiangsu province on the morning of May 15.

Working in student fellowships office or related departments, these representatives valued this trip as a great experience of Chinese exploration for their students. Just like what Laura Perille from Georgetown University said, “being here allows us to gain greater insight into China’s educational landscape, to understand what opportunity exists, and to better advice our students.” She expressed that she would help her students apply for scholarships to come to China, either for language study or research.

Most of the representatives have never been to Nanjing before, so the tour along the Ming City Wall and at the Jiming Temple thrilled them a lot. "The Ming City Wall is magnificent, as impressive as the Great Wall in Bejing,” exclaimed Deb Viles from the University of Colorado Boulder; while Belinda from the University of Rochester decided to stay in Jiangsu for a few more days, to visit her former student in Suzhou and to learn more about China.

Charlotte from Yale-NUS College, who has lived in Shanghai for two years, is one of the main initiators of this trip. She explained, “I really like Asian. I think it’s an interesting place for academic scholarship, a lot of innovative, entrepreneurial, university adventures happening. All of my colleagues are based at US universities, and I really want to show off Asia, and all those exciting things that are happening.”

Co-organized by Xuanwu District Bureau of Culture in Nanjing and the Hopkins-Nanjing Center, the trip has won great fame for Nanjing among American friends.

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Source: Author: Zhu Na Editor: Nicky