Community policewoman recording routines with comics
2018-05-14 18:13:00

Recently, cartoon diaries drawn by a policewoman at the grassroots level from Nanjing depicting her daily routines at work have gone viral on WeChat, a popular social network app, attracting quite a few followers.

Zhang Lei used to be a detective in the criminal investigation bureau at the Nanjing Municipal Public Security Bureau. Early this year, she was assigned to the Chaotiangong police station under the city’s branch bureau at Qinhuai District to perform the routine work of grassroots police, namely becoming a community policewoman.

Since her 10-year-old daughter is called “You You” and people often call her “You’s mom”, her comic diary is named the “duty diary of You’s mom”.

“Police work at grassroot level is demanding and busy. I usually finish my hobby at night. It takes almost 20 days to work out the plan, draw, compile and edit words,” said Zhang Lei with a smile. Each finished drawing is shown to her daughter, who is never shy in offering suggestions for modification.

Zhang said she simply wanted to record her work in this basic police unit at first. And she tried drawing to record those moments when she was touched deeply. Then she found it not only brought fun to her colleagues but also let more people understand police work better. She was then motivated to be creative and to write more comic dairies.

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Source: Editor: Nicky