Yangtze River Gold Cruise makes maiden voyage in Taizhou
2018-03-14 15:58:00

The luxurious cruise "Water rhyme Jiangsu”, one of the Yangtze River Gold Cruise series, made its debut at the Taizhou container wharf on the afternoon of March 13.

The cruise had more than 300 passengers onboard, all from North America, Europe and Australia. With the cruise, they’ll experience life at a slow pace in the water town of Taizhou by visiting the Plum Garden and old towns while tasting local delicacies.

The debut also marks the start of 2018 “Taizhou - Chongqing” cruise travel, when an estimated 6,000 tourists from Europe, America and Australia will come to Taizhou.

The Yangtze River Gold Cruise series use a fleet of 10,000-ton cruise ships with the most complete and best equipment on the Yangtze River waterway. They have received a lot of attention since going into service.

The debuted cruise anchored at Taizhou harbor is the Gold No. 8 Cruise that measures about 140 meters long and 20 meters wide with 6 floors that provide 160 guest rooms and a total tonnage of 12,000 tons.

This year, Taizhou will also offer the “Shanghai - Zhangjiagang - Nanjing” route in the Yangtze River Gold Cruise series in April. The projected number of tourists on this route will surpass 17,000, from both home and abroad. [Photo/VCG]

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