Tofu brings taste of New Year in Zhenjiang
2018-02-11 14:31:00

Feb. 10 marks the 25th day of the 12th lunar month in China, on which day tofu should be made for the Spring Festival according to China’s folk traditions.

Early in the morning, Zhang Dongchun’s tofu workshop at Zhenjiang’s Beixiang village was full of villagers and the appetizing aroma of soybeans.

As the village’s only craftsman still sticking to the traditional way of making tofu, Zhang has been famous in the neighborhood for his handmade tofu.

“Every year I would come all the way from downtown to buy Zhang’s tofu,” said Tang Caiying, a customer at Zhang’s workshop.

Time before the Spring Festival is always the busiest for Zhang Dongchun. He is expected to make 500kg of tofu for this Spring Festival. To meet the customers’ surging demand, he has to work until midnight.

“Sometimes I would ask my daughter and her husband to help and learn how to make tofu,” Zhang said. For him, it is not only the passing of the craftsmanship, but the flavor of home as well as the taste of the culture.

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Source: Editor: Amanda