Twelve-meter-high couplet lights up Changzhou
2018-02-09 09:51:00


A giant Spring Festival couplet of 12 meters high was hung on the ancient city wall at Chunqiu Yancheng scenic area in Changzhou of Jiangsu province, on the morning of Feb. 8.

Designed by Zhong Zhenzhen, professor of Nanjing Normal University, and written by Yan Gongda, vice chairman of China Calligraphers Association, the couplet well depicts the city’s unique charm and cultures .

Various activities were held at the ceremony. Live performance was staged, and a mini app involving traveling and hanging couplets was also launched on the ceremony. Children on site had a special experience of learning traditional etiquette rituals and customs through VR or AR technologies; while foreigners, overseas Chinese and Changzhou citizens tried their hands on calligraphy.

Representatives of organizing parties were all present at the ceremony, including Chen Gang, deputy chief editor of Xinhua Daily Media Group, and Xu Guanghui, member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Changzhou Municipal Committee and Director of Changzhou Municipal Publicity Department.

Couplet on front door is one of the traditional cultural customs during Spring Festival or Chinese Lunar New Year, expressing wish of life renewal and the return of spring. This is the third year that Jiangsu has dressed its city walls with Spring Festival couplets. The couplet soliciting initiative this year attracted a record high of more than 5000 participants and over 6000 pairs of couplets in 20 days.

As the first scenic area themed at the ancient culture in Spring and Autumn Period (771-476 BC) in China, Changzhou’s Yancheng resort recaptures the history and culture of this period from all dimensions. Archaeological studies have confirmed that the ruins of Yancheng Ancient City, with a history of over 2700 years, are the most complete and unique in Spring and Autumn Period around China. It was awarded as 5A-class tourist attraction in February of 2017.

Great attachment has been placed on internet plus tourism in Changzhou during these years, and over 66 million tourists visited Changzhou in 2017, bringing a total income of 93.56 billion RMB (about USD 14.8 billion).


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