People buy soy sauce for New Year in Zhenjiang
2018-02-06 11:02:00

Photo taken on Feb. 4 shows Zhenjiang citizens lining up to buy soy sauce for the coming Spring Festival. [Photo/VCG]

A traditional saying in Zhenjiang goes like this: there is no New Year without new soy sauce.

Although there is still days to go until the Spring Festival, or China’s Lunar New Year, Zhenjiang citizens are lining up for soy sauce despite the cold weather.

At the north gate square of Nanshan Mountain Scenic Area in Zhenjiang, the line to buy soy sauce was already very long at 7:30 am on Feb. 3.

“I come here at 2 am but I am still not the first one on the line.” said 72-year-old Yu Xiuying. She bought 75 kg soy sauce after over five hours’ wait.

Coming with her husband and granddaughter, Yu said that buying soy sauce before the Spring Festival has become a New Year ritual of her family. Apart from soy sauce, she also bought 25 kg vinegar. As soy sauce and vinegar are signatures of the city, she would send them to friends and relatives as gifts.

According to staff of Hengshun Group, a leading soy sauce and vinegar producer in Zhenjiang, the company prepared 300 tons of soy sauce for a single day on Feb. 3, so as to meet the customers’ need.

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Source: Editor: Amanda