Disabled couple start journey home in Yangzhou
2018-02-02 10:29:00

The 40-day Spring Festival travel boom (or Chunyun) started on Feb. 1, when Zhang Dakuan and Li Huazhen kicked off their journey back home in Yangzhou.

The couple with two kids have physical disability. Zhang, the husband, has to rely on crutches while walking, and the wife Li Huazhen suffers high paraplegia.

Staff at the Yagzhou Coach Station lent a helping hand to the handicapped couple, so did other passengers on the same bus. They helped Li board the bus, put away her wheelchair in the luggage compartment and take care of the kids.

The couple from Linquan of Anhui province have been making a living in Yangzhou for five year without going back home. This time they are bringing not only New Year gifts but also warmth of the city of Yangzhou.

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Source: jschina.com.cn Editor: Amanda