Oil painting "Tokyo Trial" exhibited in Nanjing
2017-12-04 16:57:00


The 100-meter-long oil painting "Justice Will Prevail - Tokyo Trial" created by Li Bin, famous painter and researcher at the Center for the Tokyo Trial Studies of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, was exhibited at Jinling Gallery in Nanjing on December 3.

On the upper part of the oil painting are historical pictures and court trial records of the atrocities by Japanese invaders, and in the lower part are hundreds of real figures on the plaintiff's and defendant's side. The painting exhibited in Nanjing is 36m long. The first part, which is 28m long, records the court trials about Japanese troop's invasion of and crimes in China, and the second part, which is 8m long, displays the judges and procurators from 11 countries.

There are almost 90 people, and people like Aisin Gioro Puyi, John Magee and Japanese war criminals Seishirō Itagaki and Kenji Doihara are depicted on full scale.

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Source: jschina.com.cn Editor: Dylan