Ancient weapons sparkle in time
2017-11-30 14:58:00

Dai Xin in his studio (Photo/Wei Xin)

An ancient weapon amateur is remolding the rusty and seemingly useless iron and steel into exquisite knives. Is it insanely clever or just insanity?

Dai Xin, 39, who has been fond of antiques for more than 10 years, is now taking it as his career in Andeli Blocks of Yuhua District in Nanjing.

Rusty and corroded, these ancient weapons appear to have no value to anyone, except Dai Xin.

"Buried in the ground for centuries, they have developed distinctive patterns or markings on their surface. So the knifes made from them are definitely unique. None of them are the same,” he said.

"The uniqueness, creativity, and rich culture behind it make the non-assemble line art crafts most attractive,” said Dai.

It usually takes him one day to make one art craft out of a battered antique. Several steps are required, including rust removal, transforming, sharpening and polishing.

"Not only for a living. As a handicraftsman, I’m delighted to bring them back to life,” said Dai Xin.

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Source: Author: Wei Xin Editor: Dylan