Southeast University students make unpiloted car for FSAC
2017-11-09 14:49:00

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A ceremony was held at Jiulonghu campus of Southeast University on November 8, sending their formula fleet to participate in the 2017 FSAC.

With 16 founding members, the unpiloted formula fleet of Southeast University was formed in December 2016, and it is one of the first fleets invited to the 2017 FSAC.

Members of the fleet spent more than 10 months overcoming a series of technical difficulties, such as visual identification, inertia navigation and radar-based obstacle avoidance, and finally developed the unpiloted formula car SEU17d based on the environmental perception of formula circuit. With the maximal power of 50kw and maximal unpiloted speed of 40km/h, SEU17d, the first of its kind independently developed by the university, boasts leading parameters in China.

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