Yangzhou chef's amazing Huaiyang banquet at cost of 500 yuan
2017-11-06 16:20:00

(Photo from vijs.net)

"2017 Yangzhou City Huaiyang Cuisine Theme Banquet Contest” ended in Jiangsu Vocational Institute of Tourism on November 5.

In the contest, 180 chefs of 36 teams from Yangzhou city competed for the tradition and creation of Huaiyang cuisine banquets.

The contest requires the chefs to select common food materials worth only 500 yuan, among which, 400 yuan must be spent in a specified supermarket and the rest can be used for materials prepared by themselves. Even so, each theme banquet turned out amazing, with artful originality and strong culture.

Yang-kun banquet team from Yangzhou Cuiyuan City Hotel won the championship. As introduced by Wang Xin, the chef of Yang-kun banquet team, Yang-kun banquet was mixed with the characteristics of Kun Opera, and all dishes were named after Kun Opera tunes. The characteristics including color, flavor, taste and appearance of the dishes are expressed accurately, and the organic combination of Kun Opera and Huaiyang banquet is therefore achieved. This is also the first try to express the charm of Huaiyang cuisine via Kun Opera.

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