Wedding ceremony held in classical gardens of Suzhou
2017-11-06 16:12:00

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On the afternoon of November 4, a newly married couple held their traditional Suzhou wedding ceremony in the Master-of-Nets Garden.

With her hand held by groom Mr. Wong, the bride Ms. Jin slowly walked down stairs in her red dress, and then, with the classical music, they went to a wedding hall, where a relative handed Wong a steelyard, and Wong used it to lift up the red veil swiftly from the bride’s head. Then, the couple performed the “three bows” ceremony, served tea to both parents, and exchanged tokens of love - an ancestral jade pendant for the bride and an elaborately prepared perfume satchel to the groom. Finally, the newlyweds drank the “cross-cupped wine” and went to the bridal chamber, with their relatives and friends’ blessings.

Both Wong and Jin are Suzhou locals. Wong works for a cultural department and Jin a garden department. Both of them yearned for a traditional wedding, so they decided to hold it in classical gardens of Suzhou. 

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