Jiangsu’s Taicang: Chinese rural food on ’A Bite of China’
2017-10-17 16:48:00

In Xinmin Village of Huangjing town, Jiangsu province’s Taicang city, Zhou Wenxing and Zhou Yuying made Chongyang cake at home Oct 9. This year, on Oct 28, is the Double Ninth Festival. People are hiking, drinking, enjoying chrysanthemums, wearing cornel and eating Chongyang cake. These are the folk customs of the Double Ninth Festival in many areas of our country.

After the Mid-Autumn Festival, Zhou Wenxing, Zhou Yuying and their children began to make the double ninth cake for their neighbors. The two, both 79 years old and together since they were 20, have been making Chongyang cake more than 50 years. At the beginning, they only made the cake to eat at home. 3 years ago, they brought in their children and grandchildren to make the cake together and sold more than 3,000 in the month before the festival.

The Chongyang cake made by Zhou Wenxing has its own "exclusive qualities". It is softer than the Chongyang cake made in the market, and is more suitable for elderly people to eat. To make this Chongyang cake, one must wash rice, steam, then add baking powder, sugar, mix in powder, put cakes into models. After that one shall put walnuts, pine nuts, red and green silk, dates on cakes, then package and steam. The clean rice cooks, and the steamed rice will add a certain density so that the final product is not too sticky for our teeth.


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