Tourism in Laozishan township becomes popular
2017-10-13 16:11:00

Laozishan township is located at the junction of Huaihe River and Hongze Lake. The long-stretching watercourses and vast aquatic farms make for a beautiful picture, decorated by the glistening waves in Hongze Lake.(Photo: VCG)

Laozishan township in the Hongze district of Huai’an, Jiangsu province was packed with diverse activities during the National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival holidays, Jiangsu media reported on Oct 12. The Dahu Lake sightseeing and ecological tour from Laozishan Qingniu pier to the Xintan scenic spot was in regular operation each day. Tourists sat on boats to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Dahu Lake (Hongze Lake) and the green sea of lotus leaves. On Wuwei Island, tourists went dancing, had a barbecue, or went camping to enjoy nature and delicious food.

Before the holidays, the town developed a contingency plan for the tourism peak week, and organized thorough checks to ensure the safety of tourists at scenic spots. The town also published featured tour routes for people to enjoy local cuisines at Laozishan in advance and opened the first sightseeing tour on Hongze Lake. Huaishang Mingzhu Resort restaurant also offered the express delivery service of local fresh specialties for tourists’ convenience.


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