Tourist town in Huai'an: ’Making a Beautiful Jiangba’
2017-10-12 16:25:00

Jiangba town in Huai'an city, Hongze district, Jiangsu province, spread over 12.1 square kilometers of area is one of the smallest towns in the province.

In 2014, with the goal to build round-tour of Hongze Lake, Jiangba town began to excavate the rich river culture to seize the initiative. As part of the operation, Jiangba town tested the water PPP mode, and the beautiful Jiangba PPP project successfully leveraged 1.58 billion of social capital. The project recorded four of the province's first place achievements. In 2016, “Making a Beautiful Jiangba” had become a national demonstration project.

In past two years, Jiangba town has implemented 12 key tourism projects, directly providing more than 2,000 job opportunities for the town, and per capita annual income has risen over 40,000 yuan. In 2017 from January to July, the revenue of catering industry in the town reached 10 million yuan.


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Source: Editor: Cassie