Lanterns strengthen ties
2017-10-04 16:38:00

On Sept 18, tourists visit the 2017 Cross-Straits Mid-Autumn Lantern show of Kunshan in Zhouzhuang Town, an ancient waterside town in Jiangsu Province. The official starting ceremony was held on Sept 20.[Photo by Yang Lei/Xinhua]

Since the National Day holiday is combined with the Mid-Autumn Festival, this year, Golden Week will last from Oct 1 to 8, enabling people to get together with their families, whether staying at home or travelling around.

The Mid-Autumn Festival is a traditional Chinese festival for family reunions and enjoying lantern shows. The lighted lanterns are a sign of hope for life.

Kunshan, locating in southeast Jiangsu province, has held cross-Straits lantern shows since 2013 to celebrate reunion with Taiwan compatriots. Kunshan has become one of the areas with the most intensive investment from Taiwan. Thousands of Taiwan companies have been set up there since 1990.

2017 is the 30th anniversary since cross-Straits communication restarted. The 2017 Cross-Straits Mid-Autumn Lantern show of Kunshan will be held in Zhouzhuang Town and Huijusi Square at the same time, from Sept 20 to Oct 20, lasting a whole month.

There will be four theme areas made up of 120 sets of colored lanterns, illustrating landscapes of Kunshan, Taiwan and Zhouzhuang, plus features of Chinese traditions. Also, there will be a series of activities, including lantern lighting, cross-Straits story shows, art exhibitions, cuisine tastings and lantern riddles.

Source: China Daily Editor: Hiram