Embroidery masters showcase skills in Wuxi
2017-09-28 16:43:00

Four female embroidery masters demonstrated their skills of the intangible cultural heritage at the Wuxi Embroidery Inheritance Base in the former residence of Xue Fucheng in Wuxi on Sept 26, 2017.

As an extended branch of Su Embroidery, Wuxi fine embroidery was listed in the second batch of China’s national intangible cultural heritage list in 2008. The double-sided fine embroidery of Wuxi Embroidery requires one-eightieth of the thread.

The history of Wuxi Embroidery dates back to 2,000 years ago. According to historical records, the earliest Wuxi Embroidery appeared in the Ming Dynasty, and was presented to the emperor as a tribute.


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