Rice flour cake in Hai’an dates back to thousands of years ago
2017-09-22 16:22:00

No one can imagine that the rice flour cakes made by an ordinary small roadside shop at No. 20 Zhadong Road in Hai’an county of Jiangsu’s Nantong, is the well-known No.1 Rice Flour Cake in Hai’an.

The shop owner Lyu Zhiming and his wife get up at 3:00 am everyday to prepare more than 50 kilograms of rice flour. The process of making the rice flour cake includes fermentation of rice flour and rice flour paste preparation. Then, a spoon of rice flour paste with the amount of a cake is put in a one-meter-diameter rotating iron pan heated by a stove. During the iron pan’s rotation, more spoons of rice flour paste are successively added in the pan. A pan can cook over 40 rice flour cakes each time. Five minutes later after the pan is covered by a lid, each pile of rice flour paste has turned into a rice cake. Then, each cake in the pan is turned over with a clamp. The colors of each cooked cake’s two round surfaces will be white and golden yellow respectively. The cake will have the most delicious taste soon after being cooked.

The history of making Hai’an rice flour cake date back to the Neolithic Age thousands of years ago. Therefore, the cake is also hailed by media as the Millennium Hai’an Rice Flour Cake.

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