Fishing season begins at Taihu Lake
2017-09-07 16:13:00

Starting Sept 6, fishermen in Taihu Lake areas are allowed to use the Gaota fishing net. The net has two vertical sides, stretching from the water’s surface to the bottom, and is pulled by two boats, in the fishing season, the busiest period for fishermen each year. In the next 20 days, diners can enjoy the freshest fish from the lake, including whitebait and carp.

Because of the longer hot period this summer than in previous years, the low water level and abundant sunlight at the Taihu Lake is conducive to the growth of silver carp and variegated carp, but not to whitebait. It is estimated that the whitebait output will decrease by 20 percent, while the output for silver and variegated carps will slightly increase.


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Source: Editor: Cassie