Stone lock guru of Taizhou inherit stone lock culture
2017-08-10 16:47:00

Brothers Guo Shimin and Guo Jialin, from Taizhou, are both stone lock gurus. They not only cultivate a fitness team with stone lock in the city, but also promote stone lock sports within China.

61 year-old Guo Shimin looks strong, and has thrown stone locks for many years. He works out to maintain a strong body. Thanks to him, the number of stone lock sports followers has grown to hundreds, up from the original few people.

Guo Shimin’s younger brother, 57 year-old Guo Jialin, wears a pair of spun gold glasses. Though he looks gentle, he plays stone lock with energy.

Guo Jialin also likes making stone locks. He harvests stone railings from the river or the road occasionally, which he later examines closely. He then decorated the stone locks with engraved seal, bamboo shoot, star and moon.

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Source: Editor: Amanda