A day of a showgirl in Chinajoy
2017-07-31 17:27:00

In many people’s eyes, model is the synonym for beauty and youth but few of them know the hardships behind the dazzle.

In Chinajoy 2017, there is a showgirl from Lianyungang, Li Xaioxuan, who is to be a postgraduate student of Xuzhou-based Jiangsu Normal University in September.

A fan of ACG, Li has been taking part in Chinajoy as a showgirl for the second year. She was motivated by manga-related products.

Showgirls have to interact with the audience actively and keep smiling all the time. They must try to cater to every camera. During the short break, Li will catch every minute to fix her makeup and massage her feet in high-heels.

Some say that modeling is for young people only, and Li has her own future plan. “I will still focus on my academic work. I hope that I can take part in cartoon making and make music for my favorite online games.”

After a day’s work, Li returned to her room and leafed through her professional books. “The new school term is coming soon. Being a postgraduate student, the studies will be more taxing.” Li said.

Translated by Mei Rong (intern) 

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