Four exquisite brocades showcased in Suzhou
2017-07-27 16:47:00

The China Brocade Cultural Exhibition was unveiled at the Suzhou Silk Museum in Suzhou, Jiangsu province, on July 25. Nearly 200 exquisite pieces of Shujin, Songjin, Yunjin (cloud-patterned brocade) and Zhuangjin brocade from four museums in China are being showcased at the exhibition, reflecting the essence and charm of Chinese brocade culture.

Brocade is the finest silk product. Exquisite brocade artworks at the exhibition are from the Suzhou Silk Museum, Chengdu Shujin Brocade Museum in Sichuan, Jiangning Imperial Silk Manufacturing Museum in Nanjing, Jiangsu and Guangxi Museum of Nationalities in Guangxi. The exhibits include both imperial and civilian pieces.

During the exhibition, brocade fashion shows will also be staged, allowing visitors to have a better understanding of Chinese brocade, from its fabric to readymade garments as well as its development and modern application.

The exhibition will last until September 20.

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Source: Editor: Amanda