Pengzu Fuyang Festival kicks off in Xuzhou
2017-07-11 16:26:00

Photo taken on July 11, 2017 shows exquisite dishes presented by local resident in Xuzhou International Exhibition Centre. (Photo by Wang Jingfeng)

Organized by Xuzhou Restaurants Association, the 16th Pengzu Fuyang Festival starts the opening ceremony at Xuzhou International Exhibition Centre on the morning of July 11, 2017. Aiming to draw people in all circles to take part in, the festival attracts local residents, star-rated hotels, renowned restaurants and many tourists.

The 1st staff skill competition in catering industry was also held at the opening ceremony. Leading chefs in the industry showed their exclusive skills to the audience. Local restaurants also compete with their unique dishes.

Fuyang festival , known as lamb-eating festival, is a big event in Xuzhou and draws many visitors from surrounding areas. In Chinese, "fu" days means dog days and it usually comes in three periods, from mid-July to mid-Augus. The three "fu" days periods bring in a sweltering heat wave and were believed to be the hottest period in a year.

As an ancient capital with thousands of years of history, Xuzhou also has a long culinary tradition. And Pengzu, the city's founding father in folklore, is considered to be the first gourmet in Chinese history. He promoted healthy diet therapy. Eating lamb soup and mutton in "fu" days is one of the ways to eliminate inner heat toxins and dampness. And it comes the "Fuyang " festival (Eating lamb in "fu" days).

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Source: Author: Wang Jingfeng Editor: Amanda