French photographer inspired by life in Nanjing
2017-05-11 09:55:00

A solo exhibition named "Pursuit of Happiness" is held in Nanjing University of the Arts from April 26 to May 12.

Laurence Chellali, the photographer from France, displayed a spring series on the exhibition, which was inspired by her life in Nanjing. She tries to illustrate her journey of connecting the two cultures of France and China with this series of photographs. "I discover a new kind of springtime in Nanjing, a beguiling inspiration. To express this vision, I drew on the organic shapes of jade stones, jewels and fans that bring Asia to mind." Deeply stimulated by typical Chinese architectures, gardens, parks and pavilions, she likes to apply these elements in her photographs.

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Source: Author: Zhu Na Editor: Nicky