Huaian held a promotion conference for the construction of an air cargo hub at the Huaihe River Ecological Economic Zone on the morning of June 19.[Detail]
The 10th session of an international peace exchange program for students started at the Memorial Hall of the Victims in Nanjing Massacre by Japanese Invaders on June 19.[Detail]
A sophomore student in Nanjing found rare luck, with a probability in one out of 800,000, receiving numerous cosmetics, new mobile phones, crayfish and snacks among other goods.[Detail]
Jiangsu Synchro Medical Information Consulting and the Institute of Functional Neuroscience of Australia joined hands to set up the first rehabilitation institution for functional neurological disorders in the Chinese mainland on June 19.[Detail]
In recent days, a hearing on a "silent" divorce case was held in the people's court at Zhenjiang Economic Development Zone.[Detail]
The Suzhou Municipal Hospital (North District) officially opened its Science Fitness Guidance Clinic on June 19. This is the first specialist outpatient clinic that provides prescriptions to guide scientific workout in a general hospital nationwide.[Detail]
The Jinji Lake International Dragon Boat Race was held in the Suzou Industrial Park on June 18. The race also marked the start of a series of “Shared Joy in Jiangsu” activities.[Detail]
At the first property fair in Nanjing on June 16, a property service robot that can communicate freely with visitors attracted wide attention.[Detail]
The 18th China Xuyi International Crayfish Festival landed in Shanghai on June 17, to step up cooperation with Fosun International and Shanghai Yuyuan Tourist Mart.[Detail]
You can now pay with your face in Wuxi City. A self-service checkout machine in the city’s Tianhui Supermarket Xueqian Street Store has attracted many people to try out.[Detail]
The final of the 18th China Xuyi International Crayfish Festival cooking contest was held in Xuyi County on the morning of June 16, attracting more than 30 competitors to present a crayfish feast pleasant both for eyes and palate.[Detail]
At the ongoing 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia, fans often wave scarves to cheer for their teams. These scarves are actually produced from a company in Baitu town of Jiangsu’s Jurong city.[Detail]
The annual elk fight kicked off in the coastal wetland of Jiangsu’s Yancheng city, June 15.[Detail]
Chris D Nebe , famous Hollywood director and president of Monarex , became a visiting professor with Nanjing Institute of Visual Art ( NIVA ) on June 14.[Detail]
A group of special works has become the center of attention recently during the graduation exhibition at the School of Arts and Design of Nanjing Tech University in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province.[Detail]