A featured museum , City Memory Museum , was open to public in Nanjing , capital of Jiangsu province , Aug。 19.[Detail]
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After 17 years in Suzhou , Stephen L . Koss from America is getting used to the summer in the city , though he still doesn ’ t like the muggy weather .To protect the classical gardens , roads and bridges in the ancient city proper , Suzhou started to build the Suzhou New District in the west wing of the city in.He is still constantly discovering new stories about Suzhou , and he likes to share his idea of the city with younger generation .Just like what he always writes for his young readers on the first pages : You are the future of Suzhou . Take care of the city .[Detail]
A singer performs during a grape music festival in Jurong City , east China ' s Jiangsu Province , Aug . 18 .[Detail]
Suzhou City will kick off the 10th Foreign-funded Enterprises Sports Games from September to November, according to a press conference on Aug. 16.[Detail]
A man critically injured after falling from a high crane in Taixing City of Jiangsu Province was transported to Shanghai for better treatment in just an hour, thanks to the helicopter service. He is now stable as he has received timely treatment.[Detail]
Water constitutes the most unique landscape of Hongze District in Huai’an City, as the district sits with the Hongze Lake on the west, the Baima Lake on the east, the Huaihe River-Yangtze River Waterway on the south, and the Northern Jiangsu Irrigation Channel on the north. Hongze is gradually implementing its integrated tourism strategy with water at the core.[Detail]
The Jiangsu-born taekwondo player Zhao Shuai will serve as the flagbearer of the Chinese delegation at the opening ceremony of the 18th Asian Games, which is set to open in Jakarta, Indonesia on Aug 18.[Detail]
Jiangsu held a meeting to promote judicial administration on August 16 as the province has appointed legal counsels for 236,000 low-income families.[Detail]
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Having been to Jiangsu for many times and witnessed the development and changes brought about by the reform and opening up , Tean Samnang , consul general of Cambodia in Shanghai , said that Jiangsu has played an exemplary role .[Detail]
The Huai'an Airport officially opened the Kunming-Huai'an-Yantai route on Aug. 13 when a passenger plane landed at the airport at around 08:00. [Detail]
Zhu Sizi, a 98-year-old survivor of the Nanjing Massacre, passed away on Aug 15, the 14th death of survivors of the slaughter by Japanese forces in 1937.[Detail]
Jiangsu Province held a conference to promote the ecological environmental protection and pollution prevention in Nanjing on Aug. 15. [Detail]
Suzhou residents will be able to reach Shanghai easily by urban rail transit upon the completion of a newly approved line.[Detail]
Foreign students learn about Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) at the Oriental Hospital in Lianyungang City, Jiangsu Province, Aug. 18, 2018. [Detail]
Noodles in Suzhou reflect local people’s life attitudes, maintaining the elegance and exquisiteness inherited from history as times go by. [Detail]