The first Sino-German Youth Innovation Cooperation and Entrepreneurship Week kicked off in Taichang of Jiangsu province on June 13. [Detail]
China-Italy Chamber of Commerce and Italy China Foundation hosted the 8th Edition Italian Gala Dinner Panda d’Oro Award 2017 in Shanghai on June 17. Hai'an Economic and Technological Development Zone, the operator of China-Italy Ecological Garden, received the prestigious Panda d'Oro Award for its efforts and contribution in helping Italian enterprises develop in China. Panda d'Oro Award is a national award of Italy jointly established by China-Italy Chamber of Commerce and Italy China Foundation under the guidance of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Italian Embassy in China and the Italian Foreign Economic Commission. [Detail]
A Mr. Xu of Nanjing has booked a permanent room in a hotel in Nanjing and he keeps his valuables in the safe of his hotel room. However, the safe was open not long ago and a Patek Philippe watch worth of 800,000 yuan ($117,100) was gone. Nanjing police asked hundreds of people who showed up during the hour of theft and found out that the thief is the floor manager of the hotel. [Detail]
Chen Anzhi, a fifth grade girl at Nanjing Zhiyuan Foreign Language Primary School, received a letter on June 22 from UK’s Buckingham Palace in reply of her letters to the UK’s Queen Elizabeth II. Since 2016, Chen has written three letters to Queen Elizabeth II about her environmental protection knowledge acquired from daily life and school activities. [Detail]
The direct route of Huai'an to Vietnam Hanoi has been opened. The first flight of Vietnamese Airlines, No.VJ7622, landed at the Lianshui Airport, Huai'an on June 22, and it only took three hours to reach the destination. Another route from Huai’an to Da Nang, Vietnam, will soon be launched as well. [Detail]
Workers of a new energy vehicle enterprise assemble a new energy bus at the Nanjing Luhe Economic Development Zone, June 21, 2017. [Detail]
A netizen exposed a basketball arena in Suzhou was reserved by aunts for square dancing, with the cost of 2400 yuan to use the area for two hours, on June 22.[Detail]
The opening ceremony of 2017 Make Music Day was held in Huangqiao Town, Taixing, Jiangsu, on June 21. [Detail]
The modification of bridge crossing the ancient Huai River over Huaihai Road in Huai’an will soon come to the end. The construction and asphalt pavement of the bridge has been finished as of June 21, and its traffic line and pedestrian crossing markings have almost been fulfilled, with greening and landscape decoration still underway. [Detail]
The commencement for Class 2017 of Jiangsu University was held on June 21, and a total of 10,290 graduates attended the graduation ceremony. Li Li, an international student from Cuba, delivered the commencement address in Mandarin and received bursts of applause. Li is from the city of Santa Clara in Cuba. She has learned Chinese for nine years and now she can speak Mandarin fluently. [Detail]
Huang Laiming and Guo Rui prepare food for two elephants in the Hongshan Zoo of Nanjing, June 21, 2017. [Detail]
A total of 300 guests, from local areas and abroad, attend the 9th International Symposium on Multinational Business Management in Nanjing, June 20, 2017.[Detail]
Huaihailu Primary School in Huai’an city of Jiangsu province recently held an observing and discussing activity on music, physical and painting education, according to Huai’an media on June 22.[Detail]
Members of the Communist Party of China (CPC) service team at the Hongze District Power Supply Company in Huai’an visited destitute families on June 16, bringing along 60 goslings with the aim of help families improve their living conditions by raising and selling geese. [Detail]
China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology recently approved the project of a China-German small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) cooperation park in Kunshan, East China's Jiangsu province as part of a national strategy.[Detail]