Jiangsu launches marine economy development plan
2017-02-17 15:40:00

The general office of Jiangsu provincial government recently published theMarine Economy Development Plan During the 13th Five-year Plan Period of Jiangsu Province. According to the plan, Jiangsu strives to build itself into a powerful province in marine economy by 2020 with its comprehensive marine economy strength and competitiveness ranking the top nationwide. It aims to increase the gross ocean product (GOP) by around 9% annually on average to reach 1 trillion yuan.

According to the plan, during the 13th Five-year Plan Period, Jiangsu will take the initiative to get geared to major state strategies and optimize marine economy space layout. It will focus on elevating the development scales in the “L-shaped” marine economic belt with the coastal areas as the vertical axis and the Yangtze River banks as the horizontal axis, improving marine industry spaces, promoting integrated development of ports, industries and cities and making new breakthroughs in major marine productivity distribution.  

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Source:jschina.com.cn Editor:Angela