Model manager Olga: language barrier in Jiangsu disappears
2017-02-17 09:22:00

27-year-old Olga from Canada has been living in Nanjing for almost 10 years. Fascinated by ancient civilization like Egypt and China, she decided to study Chinese language and culture in college. She came to Nanjing as an international student in 2008 and completed her postgraduate study on a scholarship in Nanjing Normal University.

Looking back on the past decade, she spoke highly of the fast growth of language skills in Chinese society. "When I first came to Nanjing, there was almost no one capable of speak fluent English. Language barrier created a mass of misunderstandings between me and Chinese people. This situation forced me a lot to practice more and change faster." Now, Olga can speak perfect Chinese and she also found that more and more Chinese people could speak English. The language barrier is gradually reduced to zero level. Although Nanjing people are very friendly and helpful, Olga was really bothered by all the staring and gibbering from local people at first. Years have passed, and "there is no problem if you walk on the street, because no one even cares if you are foreigner." This big change really makes Olga relaxed and comfortable. Exposed to the Chinese society, Olga develops into an expert on modern technology and application of various APPs, which enable people to tackle almost everything through Internet.

Currently, Olga runs a small model agency and works as an event manager. When talking about all the striving and hard-working during the past few years, she feels relieved to finally get a working visa. "I hope there is an easier way for foreigners with good education and skills to get a working visa in the future." She may speak out for many foreigners who have to work illegally because of the long and complicated procedures for a working visa.

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