Nanjing starts old community renovation project in 2017
2017-02-14 15:40:00

A mobilization meeting on the renovation of old and shabby communities in Nanjing was recently held. The city plans to renovate its 240 old and shabby communities in 2017, which will cover 1,900 buildings and benefit 72,000 families. By 2020, a total of 936 communities in which over 1 million residents live will be upgraded in Nanjing.

Nanjing launched the five-year planning in 2016 for the renovation of its old and shabby communities, including upgrading all the 936 communities which have not been renovated before, which will benefit more than 1 million residents in more than 300,000 families. In 2016, a total of 184 old communities in Nanjing had been upgraded. Nanjing is scheduled to invest a total of over 4 billion yuan ($ 581.77 million) for the renovation of these communities.

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