CPPCC member calls for policies in favor of female employees
2017-02-10 16:07:00

Women have been long caught in a dilemma of balancing their family life and career. The launch of the two-child policy added to the pressure. Prof. Che Wenquan, a provincial CPPCC member, executive vice-president of College of Elite Education under Nanjing University of Science and Technology and doctoral adviser, said the government should make laws and launch policies to improve the work environment for women.

“On the one hand, necessary encouragement and support should be provided to women in pregnancy and lactation periods so that they can have more time for raising the children. In addition, policies and measures that encourage and protect women for their return to work should be in place,” said Che Wenquan. She added that the government should provide some taxation or preferential policies for companies with many female employees so that the companies can well implement the protective measures for female employees.

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