American freelancer Theresa: still room for green energy and innovative education in Jiangsu
2017-02-10 15:25:00

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Theresa Boersma from America came to Changzhou three years ago. She set up a non-profit website and a WeChat account to offer local information and services for her fellow foreigners. When she is free, Theresa likes to tour around the city and mark down all the interesting spots, and then posted them on the Internet. She is even planning to make a featured report on local arts and culture.

Jiangsu, a place we gradually fit in

Have been in Jiangsu for over three years, Theresa has already got used to the living style here. The Boersma family are big fans of camping and hiking. But at the beginning, it was very difficult to find a campsite to spend a night or a hiking trail without artificial pavement and steps. During the past few years, the province has developed a lot in this aspect. "Now we have a list of quite a few places that will cater to this need for nature in all its rugged glory," said Theresa. She is especially comfortable with the wide-spread Chinese apps that "changed the dynamics of living in Jiangsu. I can do so much with my phone now that I frequently forget to carry cash, and I really miss the convenience when I travel to places like the US or Europe where the app infrastructure is not nearly so well developed." Changzhou has already become to a special home that they are reluctant to leave.

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