Representative of Jiangsu Provincial People's Congress calls for active innovation
2017-02-09 15:37:00

Zeng Jiuyu

The 2017 Report on the Work of the Government proposed an in-depth implementation of an innovation-driven development strategy and an accelerated construction of regional innovation system.

Zeng Jiuyu, representative of Jiangsu Provincial People's Congress, suggested that government should strengthen guidance and support and promote technology innovation to trigger more spontaneous creative activities and complete the transition from passive innovation to active innovation.

Zeng Jiuyu once worked as vice-minister of the Manufacturing Department of Nanjing Ruifa Machinery and Equipment Co., Ltd. He stressed that the government should give the enterprise a spontaneous and innovative environment. He suggested that the government should take the lead in guiding and promoting the establishment of a coordinated innovation promotion agency that consists of relevant government departments, universities, research institutions, social organizations and related enterprises. Such agency can help all these enterprises in the industry chain to achieve joint innovation and development in accordance with their own professional characteristics and advantages. It can also promote mutual exchange and innovation between these enterprises. Besides, it will improve the efficiency and reduce the risk of innovation, promoting the transformation of achievements.

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