CPPCC member: bring art museum to community
2017-02-08 15:52:00

Zhai You

Zhai You, a member of CPPCC Jiangsu Committee, found an art museum in Nanjing's Mataijie neighborhood. The art museum covers an area of 800 square meters and holds exhibitions from time to time.

Zhai established the first community-based art museum of China in 2002. Currently, there are two in Nanjing and the third one, which is located at Lantianyuan Neighborhood of Fenghuang Street in Gulou District, will open to public soon.

Zhai said that the art museum is also suitable for different interactive activities, forums and lectures, in addition to exhibitions.

Such art museum serves as a bridge for the people to connect to contemporary masters, Chinese art and appreciation. In this way, people can gradually reach art and enjoy the beauty of it, said Zhai.

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