Qifeng Shiguan restores the original look
2017-02-03 16:15:00

Qifeng Shiguan, a building of the Qing Dynasty, lost its original look due to early constructions. Fortunately, the restoration project of the building already started in the second half of 2016.

Now, the major historical and cultural site protected at the provincial level, has restored its unique original look.

Qifeng Shiguan served for many different purposes by different institutions. It was listed as a major historical and cultural site until the 1990s.

Located on No. 15 Shaku Road in Qinhuai District, the unique building is generally regarded as the combination of Huizhou architecture and Suzhou architecture. It is now has become a public property.

The main restoration of the project has been finished and is waiting for acceptance. According to the plan, Qifeng Shiguan will become a hotel for tourism, maintaining the original function of its cultural relics.

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