China Eastern Airlines adds 28 flights between Nanjing, Taipei
2017-01-16 16:21:00

China Eastern Airlines will add 28 flights between Nanjing and Taipei during the coming Spring Festival travel rush, according to the news from the Jiangsu office of the airline announced on Jan 13.

The airline will also add many other flights for the rush. There has been a flight from Nanjing to Guilin every day since Jan 15. Nanjing to Haikou flights on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday will be resumed. And there will be six more flights from Nanjing to Xiamen around the Spring Festival. The airline will also open more flights from Nanjing to Phuket on Money, Wednesday and Friday every week from Jan 18.

In addition, the airline will operate one more flight from Wuxi to Zhuai and Chengdu respectively every day. Four flights from Wuxi to Cebu and six flights from Wuxi to Da nang will also be added.

Besides, six more flights from Changzhou to Krabi will be opened around the festival.

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