Centenarians, low-income persons to get ‘bonuses’ before Spring Festival
2017-01-12 16:02:00

A series of activities to visit the elderly will be organized before Spring Festal holidays, and those to be visited will receive a “bonus” of maximum 1,000 yuan ($160) each, according to Civil Affairs Bureau of Huai’an City on Jan 9.

Those to be visited include people receiving basic-living allowance in urban and rural areas, people with no income, inability to work and no statutory financial supporters in cities, personnel who are guaranteed of proper food, clothing, medical care, housing and funeral expenses by the state in countryside, special-care recipients, orphans and centenarians. Different from practices in the previous years, cash will be mainly given during the activities this year.

The amount of money totaling 1.68 million yuan for the activities will come from the fund of public welfare lottery in Huai’an city, which was already allocated to charity federations in various counties and districts in Huai’an, and will be given to designated recipients before Jan 28, the day of Spring Festival in 2017.

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Source:jschina.com.cn Editor:Nicky