Experienced teacher in Suzhou quits for online teaching
2017-01-09 16:34:00

The increasingly popular online education has created a new job, professional teacher engaged in online teaching.

A special online teacher named Shi Jinxia in Suzhou recently attracted attention from online learners. Shi was a Chinese language teacher and leader of Chinese language teaching and research team for senior high school students at a public school in Suzhou before her resignation. She is also a columnist.

Engaged in teaching for 24 years, Shi has published a lot of books and articles on Chinese language education.

“Online teaching has brought a completely new experience to me, and my students include primary school pupils, middle school and college students, and even students' parents and teachers at primary and middle schools,” said Shi who began to involve in online teaching in 2013.

“Now, I can make decisions in my class without the restriction of teaching material, syllabus and curriculum schedule in the past," Shi continued.

“The ways of education at school can also be practiced online, and moreover, the Internet can break through the limitation of time and space to impact more people in different sectors and places,”Shi added.

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Source:jschina.com.cn Editor:Nicky