Nanjing experts to develop new app to forecast rainfall
2017-01-09 16:22:00

It is reported that the experts in Nanjing are developing a set of monitor system to forecast rainfall accurately.

The system will accurately forecast where the first drop of rain falls, as well as the changing trend of the precipitation intensity in the rainfall area and so on.

Through the app on the mobile phone, the Nanjing residents will be able to roughly know when rain stops, which places have accumulated water, which roads are flooded, or which roads are congested.

If all the mobile carriers, such as taxis, buses or even private cars, are equipped with sensors, then these sensors will be able to tell which areas have rainfall or even where the first drop of rain will fall, said Jiang Ping, professor with Nanjing Wufang Meituo Meteorological Environment Institute.

However, he said frankly that it is very difficult to do this.

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