Barren village in Changzhou turned into beautiful garden
2017-01-09 16:20:00

“The fitness square in our village is built according to the standard of small parks, at which there are various kinds of facilities including fitness equipment and plastic tracks," said Li Xiaoying, a woman living in Huangtiandang village of Changzhou city in Jiangsu province, who came to dance with music at Baiyangqiao Village Fitness Square after dinner together with other female villagers as usual.

The place where Baiyangqiao Village Fitness Square is located was once a barren ground with rotted wooden corridors and rusty basketball stands, and villagers preferred bypassing it to going to it when strolling after dinner.

In early 2016, the local government started the renovation of the place because the once barren Huangtiandang village already becomes an economically strong village with a total annual industrial production value of one billion yuan (US$162 million), and it was also rated as a provincial-level beautiful village in 2015.

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