Test for off-season cultivation technology succeeds
2017-01-05 16:15:00

Teachers and students from the School of Horticulture and Plant Protection of Yangzhou University has successfully testifies the technique for off-season cultivation for grapes, with which the grape trees will be able to bear fruit in winter.

In order to have matured grapes in winter, it is important for the researchers to control the ambient temperature well. The researchers put a heating device in the greenhouse that was covered in a bigger greenhouse. The ambient temperature will be enhanced to a suitable level, so as to ensuring the optimal growth of grape trees.

The associate professor Ling Yuping from the school said: “According to the test results, the grape maturing in winter has a sugar content of 19.6%, which is very close to that of the grape maturing in summer (20%). The grapes maturing in winter also have high quality and very rare. It can enhance the income of farmers.”

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