Wuxi teen become 1st global student science-popularization satellite designer
2017-01-25 14:59:00


Li Tingyu (left) and Yu Xieqing

“As the life of the earth is limited, it is necessary to explore the space and look for other livable planets for human being,” said Li Tingyu and Yu Xieqing with delight on the afternoon of Jan 23.

They are grade-one high school students at Tianyi Middle School in Wuxi and just came back from the “Special training camp for teenager micro-satellite makers” in Wenchang of south China’s Hainan province, during which a micro-satellite designed by the two teens were selected for the “China teenager micro-satellite program”, the first of its kind in the globe.

The program is a large public-welfare aerospace science-popularization activity among all primary and middle school students in China. Because of its functions including manhole covers’ positioning and monitoring, and air quality monitoring and analysis, as well as its design scheme suitable for micro-satellite making, the satellite designed by students from Tianyi Middle School was finally selected for the program out of 120,000 satellite designs. As a result, Li Tingyu and Yu Xieqing became representatives of the satellite design team of Tianyi Middle School to participate in the special training camp.

During their five-day training at the camp, the two teens won the “Maker Marathon” silver prize after rounds of fierce competitions, and Li Tingyu was appointed as one of the two student chief designers for the program due to his active performance in the camp activities.

The prototype sample satellite for “China teenager micro-satellite program” is an international-standard 2U-class CubeSat satellite, on which all the names of students participating in its design and fabrication will be engraved. The satellite is scheduled to be launched by a carrier rocket on Jun 1, the International Children’s Day this year.

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