Huai'an foreign trade grows in November
2016-12-27 17:19:00

Huai'an's foreign trade increased 40.1% from a year earlier, reaching 2.2 billion yuan in November, according to the latest statistics from Huai'an Customs announced on Dec 26. The exports grew 35.9%, reaching 1.65 billion yuan while the imports increased 54.6%, reaching 550 million yuan.

The main import and export commodities of general trade are mainly labor-intensive ones such as lead-acid batteries, auto parts, iron and steel products and garment fabric (hats and cloths).

The goods trade by the way of processing trade are mainly rubber tires, clothes made of cotton yarn and electronic products such as diodes and integrated circuits.

The goods traded through comprehensive bonded zone are mainly IT products such as integrated circuits and etched circuit boards.

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