Reconstruction of ancient town in Changzhou
2016-12-15 16:27:00

It is reported by the media on Dec 14 that the experts have discussed and approved the conservation planning for historcial and cultural ancient town Xue Yan town in Changzhou.

The conservation planning will make advantages of the mountains and lakes under the theme of the capital of Wu dynasty during the Spring and Autumn Period. It will further explore the historical and cultural resources in Xue Yan town, so as to show the glamour of this ancient town.

Located in the southeast region of Changzhou, Xue Yan town has profound culture and rich resources and features many officially protected cultural sites and historical buildings.

The conservation planning will occupy a land of 104.74 square meters. It is explored and proved over the last few years that two-thirds of Helv city relics is located within Xue Yan region.

The planning has also defined the requirements and specific measures to protect the tangible and intangible cultural heritages.

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