Photo album on Republican buildings in Nanjing published
2016-12-29 16:47:00

An album titled "Photo Album on Nanjing Buildings in Republic of China Period", the first of its kind with the most complete collection of buildings in Nanjing in the Republic of China period (1912 - 1949), was published in Nanjing for the first time on Dec 28.

The buildings in the Republic of China period are the most featured buildings in Nanjing, then capital of the Republic of China, among all the existing buildings in various dynasties in Nanjing.

The album with a collection of over 1,500 buildings of the Republic of China period in 1,237 places of Nanjing almost covers all the existing building in Nanjing in that period.

Yang Xinhua, author of the album and former deputy director of Nanjing City Cultural Heritage Bureau, is a well-known cultural relics expert. It took Yang many years to visit various places in Nanjing before completing the album after his retirement.

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