Herbal coffee shop opens in business circle of Nanjing
2016-12-01 16:34:00

A herbal coffee shop opens in the underground of Jinying shopping mall at Xinjiekou district in Nanjing of Jiangsu province.

The shop combines two totally different things herbs and coffee together. It has the same layout as a normal coffee shop, including coffee machines and portable paper cups. The herbs used in the drinks are from ancient prescriptions of traditional Chinese medicine, and are extracted with coffee machines.

These drinks are all beneficiary to preserve one's health. They can also be divided according to specific functions such as keeping the body slim, reducing pressures, protecting against the cold, improving one's look and nourishing the stomach. Because the herbs have already been finetuned by traditional Chinese physicians, the drinks containing them usually have moderate tastes and are suitable for all types of people.

To cater for the changing tastes of young customers, the originally extracted fluid is added with milk, sugar and cereals and fruits such as purple sweet potato and banana to improve its flavor. In addition, it is decorated with some milk foam.

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