Taobao village in Taixing welcomes its client from US
2016-11-17 15:44:00

Recently, an Audi car drove to Chengzhuang village, a place famous for e-commerce in Taixing, East China's Jiangsu province. Out of the car is a client with a high nose, brown hair and blue eyes.

His name is Dustin, who is from the American state of Alaska. It's the second time for him to inspect here.

Dustin is good at making musical instruments such as violin and guitar and is an advanced master. He operates the business of the design and packaging of crafts. He came here especially for the chopping board made of gingko wood, a special product in Chengzhuang village.

Dustin has decided to build a warehouse and a transfer station in US, and expand the business for this chopping board under Youjie brand through network platforms such as Alibaba, Amazon and Volvo.

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